Fun show at Dolphin Mall!

What a pleasure to play salsa with three trombones! This time at Dolphin Mall, Miami with Orquesta Calle Sol!

Welcoming in the New Year with Orquesta Son Trombones!

Fun time playing salsa at Garabaldi’s to welcome in the new year with Orquesta Son Trombones!


An honor to play with Orquesta Son Colombia!

Un gran noche tocando con Orquesta Son Colombia para Noche de las Velitas en Weston, Florida! Salsa sabrosa!


Que honor! Tocar con Luis Disla!


Hora Loca of plena at St Regis Hotel Miami Beach with Black&Wine Productions!

Fun night of plena with Gregori Laviosa’s Black & Wine Events at the St Regis Hotel Miami Beach for Hora Loca!


Playing Hollywood’s 4th Annual Salsa Festival – tribute to women in salsa – was Hot!

So lucky to be honored and involved playing the 4th Annual Hollywood Salsa Festival backing  Melina Almodovar, Latin Grammy winner Chino Nuñez, Aymee Nuviola, Tito Puente Jr., Marlon Fernandez, and Michelle Brava! More than 6000 people danced and loved the sounds of this special night!

Read about it in Our City Hollywood Magazine here!


America Teve show Happy Hour con Carlucho hosts Orquesta Calle Sol last night!


Salsa! At Miami’s Major League Baseball Marlins Park – Dodgers Game!


Great night playing salsa at The Miami Marlins Los Angeles Dodgers mlb game at Miami’s Marlin’s Stadium with Orquesta Calle Sol! Great crowd and game for Nicaraguan Heritage night!


Thousands enjoy the 3rd Hollywood Salsa Festival - Tribute to Tito Puente!

Amazing time playing at the 3rd Salsa Festival at Young’s Circle in Hollywood, FL – more than 5000 people danced to the salsa of Orq Calle Sol, Ramses Araya, Melina Almodovar and special appearance by Tito Puente Jr!

Read more about it here!
More than 6000 attendees at the 4th Annual Hollywood Salsa Festival!


Calle Ocho Festival 2016 with Rumba Kings!




What an honor to play with Bruno Mendez’s Rumba Kings at the Radio Caracol Stage at the 2016 Calle Ocho Festival!


Tributo a Joe Arroyo with Harold y Su Orquesta


Great night playing a salsa tribute to Joe Arroyo with Harold y Su Orquesta and the great musicians on stage! The metals: Franco, Adolis, Delvis and Bonegal!


Tributo por Dario Pasco con Isabel Bances en Miami – 70 anos!

What an honor to back Isabel Bances and Dario Pasco in their tribute to his 70-year musical career! A spectacular evening full of salsa music and traditional Peruvian favorites and the best Peruvian Musicians in Miami! What an honor to play with these excellent musicians!







dario y isabel


Great article about Plenatarium’s Puerto Rican “Noches de Cultura” in ActualMag

Check out the article from ActualMag about us – with video, photos, and more!


“Planetarium a popular group, captivated the crowd with plena music, a type of sound which began more than 100 years ago bringing the stories of Puerto Rico’s history and folklore to the world. It became popular in the 1990’s when modern sounds were incorporated to it.


Check us out in the Feb 2015 Issue of Ocean Drive Magazine!

OceanDrive Mag Feb 2015Orquesta Calle Sol was recently featured in this Feb 2015 issue of Miami’s Ocean Drive Magazine!


Feria de las Americas at Marlins Park Stadium!

So proud to play and be part of the Feria de las Americas at Marlins Park stadium and seen on the Jumbotron! Sandwiched in between a great merengue band and the Classical Orquestra from Cartegena Colombia, Freddy Velaz y Su Banda Swing played punta and bachata music to fair-goers and a great crowd!


Orq Calle Sol plays re-opening at historic Ball&Chain on Calle Ocho

So proud to be part of the re-opening of Ball&Chain, a Miami institution since 1935! Orquesta Calle Sol played salsa brava on Calle Ocho in Little Havana!  Enjoyed the crowd, the place, and the whole night!

































Calle Sol plays Peruvian festival in West Palm Beach

salsa music orquesta trombones







salsa music musicians trombone







salsa orqueta music







What a night of salsa at the Finland House in West Palm Beach! Playing with great musicians!





Made the Top 10 of Reverbnation’s Miami Latin artists! Thank you!!!

Thank you to everyone who helped Bonegal reach the Top 10 in Reverbnation’s Latin Miami artists this May!!

Stay tuned for more!

View Bonegal on Reverbnation’s Miami Latin Charts



Now playing weekly at Touche Rooftop Lounge!

What an honor to be house band at Miami’s hottest new Lounge & Restaurant!

Orquesta Calle Sol is playing every Saturday night at Touche Rooftop Lounge – comfy couches, open-air rooftop views of downtown Miami and the Freedom Tower, and live salsa! I’m so happy to be part of this experience, playing with amazing musicians and the heavy, salsa dura from the 70’s and 80’s!




Invited back for a second time – the Calle Ocho Festival 2014!

I was invited back to play with Freddy Velaz y Su Banda Swing a second time at 2014 Calle Ocho Festival – Miami’s largest Hispanic festival! A great crowd at the Radio Caracol Stage enjoyed punta, cumbias, bachata, y merengue!



Plenatarium at Fiesta Calle San Sebastian en Miami 2014!

Great crowd, amazing time playing plena with Plenatarium at this Puerto Rican street festival held for the second time in Miami! Enjoyed Carlos’s singing, Henry’s percussion, Charlie, Dannie, Jimmy, Perry, and Carlos on congas and panderetas, bass by Vincent, Josue on trumpet, Danny on keys, and more! Charlie-Daniel-Carlos 2014-01-18 22.31.32 2014-01-18 21.15.03 2014-01-18 23.09.30


Orquesta Calle Sol’s Miami Debut!

Miami’s newest Salsa Dura band – Orquesta Calle Sol had a great opening show at Blue Martini in Brickell this week! We packed the house on a Monday night and people danced to 3-part trombone salsa songs from the 1970’s and 80’s like Lluvia Con Nieve, Aguzate, and Que Humanidad! What a pleasure to play with these great musicians!



A highlight – playing with Ralphy Ray, Larry Garcia and his Orquestra!

One of the highlights of my life – once again playing with such talented musicians! What an honor and a pleasure!

Mona, Camacho, Daniel, Oscar, and myself on horns, and an amazing band backing Ralphy Ray and Larry Garcia!

Awesome night all around.


  • 1239564_10201165808121932_817646327_n

Goodbye old friend – Adios mi bueno y viejo amigo!

I just sold my first student trombone from childhood! Bittersweet moment, parting with a horn that has been with me since 1979!

My 1950’s King Cleveland was awesome! It was played in two countries and 4 states, and patiently waited for me in storage in 5 more. It’s been on hundreds of stages, in parades, auditions, and football games, and was played in the Vancouver World’s Fair and on Main Street at Disneyland! It survived a building full of smoke from a pipe bomb explosion and falling down the stairs with me while marching. Over the years the bell was dented, tuning slide jammed, the inner slide broke into two pieces and was soldered back together many times. It was carried on many buses to schools and long walks home.

It taught me about patience and recovery. And metal working. And tarnish. And jazz and blues. Carrying it everywhere gave me a sense of identity and helped me become comfortable being an extrovert, having to tolerate many nicknames and answer questions like “What’s THAT?” and “Isn’t that for boys?” and “Don’t you need long arms to play the trombone?”

Today, with almost no lacquer left, no spot without a dent, the slide sticking in three places, and the eternally broken crossbar needing yet another repair, it goes on to the next person to give it new life and enjoy!

Goodbye good old friend!


Acabo de vender mi primer trombon estudiantil de mi ninez! Momento agridulce, ya algo que estuvo comigo desde 1979.

Mi Cleveland King de la decada de 1950 fue impresionante! Se tocado en dos paises y 4 estados. Estuvo guardado en 5 estados mas donde espero pacientemente por mi. Ha estado en cientos de escenarios, desfiles, audiciones, y juegos de futbol. Fue tocado en la Feria Del Mundo de Vancouver y en la calle principal (Main Street) de Disneylandia. Sobrevivió la explosion de una bomba casera, y una caida en unas escaleras conmigo durante una de mis marchas. Durante los años, la campana fue abollado, el ajuste deslizante atascado, y la vara interior se rompió en dos pedazos y se soldó de nuevo muchas veces. Fue cargado en muchos buses a colegios y a largas caminatas a casa.

Me enseno la paciencia y recuperacion. Y a trabajar en metal. Y la oxidation. Y el jazz y el blues. Llevarlo a todas partes me dio un sentido de indentidad y me ayudo a estar comoda siendo una persona extrovertida, teniendo que tolerar muchos apodos y respondes preguntas como “Que es ESO?” y “No es para ninos?” y “Acaso no necesitas brazos largos para tocar el trombon?”

Hoy, casi sin laca restante, sin ningun lugar que no tenga mella, con la vara trabada en tres lugares, y el travesano eternamente roto, pasa a una nueva persona para darle una nueva vida y disfrutarlo!

Adios mi bueno y viejo amigo!


firstconcert My first ever band concert at age 10 with my 1950’s Cleveland King! Today it goes on to the next person to enjoy! Farewell!
ExpoFairAt the World’s Fair in Vancouver, Canada

Conexion Latina press in Miami Talent Magazine

Debbie mentioned in this Miami Talent Magazine article about featured group - Conexion Latina!

Debbie mentioned in this Miami Talent Magazine article about featured group – Conexion Latina!


Son Trombones at Legends Cafe!

Legends Cafe in Hollywood – 4 trombones with Orquesta Son Trombones!

With four bones at Legends!
Carlos Camacho, Raul Fiestas, Bonegal, and Sammy Sanchez









Ray Paz Medley


First video with Orquesta Tambo – just released!

The first video with Orquesta Tambo was just released! Enjoy!


Backing Frankie Castro & Hermanos Salseros @ benefit concert for Edgardo Morales

Mano a Mano Hermanos Salseros- Miami’s benefit concert for Edgardo Morales at Guaro’s Nightclub with John Bizarretty’s Orquesta Salsa Rumba and singer Frankie Castro!


Miami Rocks Our Troops – Closed the show with Willie Panama’s Orquesta “The Demolition Crew”

Amazing night playing salsa at the Bank United Center in Miami to close the show – shared stage with John Secada, Billy Ray Cyrus, Jose Feliciano and Willie Panama’s Orquesta – “The Demolition Crew”

Performing at the Bank United Center – Miami Rocks Our Troops benefit Concert


“The Demolition Crew” backstage










Bonegal with Chris Peterman and Willie Panama

Ramon Benitez and Bonegal
Ramon Benitez and Bonegal


Hollywood Beach Latin Festival with David Rodriguez & Orq Espression

Amazing day of salsa music at Hollywood Beach with the David Rodriguez Band and Orquesta Expression!




















Thanks to for the amazing pictures!


Orquesta Expression in Hialeah Florida

Playing with Orquesta Expression in Hialeah Florida!


In the recording studio with Salsabuena

Recorded horn tracks in the studio with SalsaBuena tonight!



Mardi Gras Video with Orqesta Salsabuena: Doña Maria

Salsabuena plays Doña Maria at Mardi Gras 2012!


Mardi Gras Video with Orqesta Salsabuena: Esposa Querida

Playing more trombone at 2012 Mardi Gras with Phil Morales and the Orqesta SalsaBuena! This continues the first public appearance of Phil’s songs with a full salsa band that I’m proud to be part of! This song is “Esposa Querida”.


Mardi Gras Video with Orqesta Salsabuena: Negra Zandugera

Debbie plays trombone on this premier of Negra Zandugera, an original salsa song by Phil Morales and the Orqesta SalsaBuena! This Mardi Gras Festival is the first public appearance of the song with a full salsa band, and I’m proud to be part of it! Phil’s dream was 10 years in the making. It’s quite an accomplishment to finally hear his original music performed with our 10+ piece salsa band!


Gig with Orquesta la Unika at Pinecrest Gardens

Amazing outdoor afternoon gig with Hector “Tito” Colon y Orquesta la Unika! We were a 13-piece salsa band and we closed the evening at the Latin Spice food festival at beautiful Pinecrest Gardens  with high energy songs including Juana Pena, Mi Gente, and  Salsa Con Clase.

Debbie plays with Hector Colon's Orquesta La Unika at Pinecrest Garden

Orquesta La Unika spicing it up at Pinecrest Garden's Latin Spice festival!


Studio54 gig

Great gig last night with the band Studio54 at Pavillion Grille in Boca Raton. These guys know how to throw down a show and get people dancing! Sat in with a great 4-horn section: 2 trombones, sax/reeds and trumpet for 2 sets. Thank you Carl and Anthony for the invite!


Jammed with Orquesta Klibre

Great jam with Orquesta Klibre last night – amazing energy, musicians, and great songs! Looking forward to playing more with the group while I’m in Miami.


Mike Norris Big Band!

What a great time gigging with Mike Norris Big Band!

Played great big band music with Jim McGonigal and a dozen other superstars at Sally O’s in Beach Place, Fort Lauderdale!


Playing with Phil Morales

Rehearsing with Phil Morales who is putting together an amazing salsa band for his new original CD “Doña Maria”!

Currently working on songs with amazing musicians – stay tuned for gig info from this band!


Playing with Miami's Orqesta La Unika

Rehearsing with Hector Colon’s Orquesta La Unika in Miami – an amazing 12 piece latin group!

Working together on songs such as:

Juana Pena

Mi  Gente


Gotas de Lluvia from El Gran Combo


Salsa Con Clase

Nadie Se Muere

and more!!

Stay tuned for upcoming gig info from this band…


8 trombones with Milwaukee Trombone Choir

Gigged with the Milwaukee Trombone Choir to finish out their summer season.  Enjoyed music in the park at the Highlands in Wauwatosa! Thanks Kent!






Bayview 4th of July Parade

Debbie was invited to march and play in the 13-piece James Madritsch Band at Bayview’s spectacular 4th of July Parade –  complete with cannons and fire trucks cooling down the day!

The Humboldt Park Association judges awarded Bonegal,  Dale ‘Mr. Trumpet’, James Madritsch, Jake the trombone, Greg Doby, and others “Number 1 Unit” in the parade!


Parading through the streets of Sitges for Carnaval!

Sat in with Blai Fontanal’s band performing the sounds of Amaparita Roca, Tablon, and Brazil through the narrow streets on this 4 hour parade in Sitges for Carnaval 2011! People threw confetti, danced, cheered, partied, drank, marched, and celebrated this long-time tradition outside Barcelona!



Playing with Joan Pinos in Spain!

Played Concerto De Cap D’Any at Salo-Teatre de El Retiro in Spain outside Barcelona with Joan Pinos’s Suburband under the direction of Alex Ricart! The theater’s full house enjoyed the 50 musicians playing traditional Sardanas, pasadobles (Nerva, Xabia, and Cortes de la Frontera), and Spanish marches (Casimiro)!


Hand signals at great gig with Rumbon D'Esquina @La Pica

You know you’re at a special gig when the horn section includes Mr. Trumpet and Bonegal… The crowd at La Pica danced to two sets of fiery Puerto Rican salsa sounds from Rumbon D’Esquina until wee hours of the morning. During the fast, hectic music, Tony gave hand signals to the band members from the side of the stage. He’d let us know it was time to  move on to different sections of the songs, cueing the horns to play the Mambo using the classic rockers horn sign, holding down his middle two fingers with his thumb. Tapping his forehead with closed fingers and thumb meant it was time to play the Mona section. Finally, he’d call the end of a song with his raised fist, indicating “out.”


Casa Vieja Summer Party 2010 with Rumbon D'Esquina

Deb jammed on bone with Rumbon D’ Esquina in Milwaukee’s Historic Mitchell District at Casa Vieja’s outdoor Summer Party!

After the rain let up, the 10 musicians of Rumba D’ Esquina kept the crowd dancing to 2 hours of high-energy Latin tunes like Vamos A Rier Un Poco,  Se Le Ve, Sacude La Mata, Ella Menea, and Con Fuego!

Great guys; amazing music – thanks Tony! Enjoy these photos from the gig!


Sitting in with the All-Star Superband in Elm Grove

Deb playing bone with Milwaukee's AllStar Superband

Deb playing bone with Milwaukee's AllStar Superband

Sat in on 3rd Bone with the All-Star Superband for a night of Basie! Great gig, packed house at a great Irish Pub downtown Elm Grove! Thanks Mike and Gary!  Great gig with wonderful people.


Guest appearance with the Milwaukee Trombone Choir

Between 5-8 trombonists played mainly quartet arrangements of beautiful music scored for only trombones! Highlights were Beatles tunes and 76 Trombones and learning how one pregnant trombonist who played with us can be and still have lung power! Thanks Kent!


Bastille Days festival with Robin Pluer!

Backed Robin Pluer, Mrs. Fun, Julie Wood, Kim Zick, Peter Roller, and Stas Venglevski at Milwaukee’s  Bastille Days for 3 shows Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, July 2010

Debbie is backing Robin Pleur Thurs, Fri, and Sunday

click for festival schedule

Summerfest with Paul Cebar!

Deb played at The World’s Largest Music Festival

Potawatomi Bingo Casino Stage Monday, June 30 2010


In the studio with Paul Cebar

Paul is working on a new album and I had the opportunity to be the first trombonist recorded by Brian at Mike Hoffman’s place in Bayview!


Makeno Son press

Makeno Son

Debbie is mentioned in press about Latin group Makeno Son in the Universal Latin News


Coastrunner band

Coastrunner crew

The Tiki Bar was rocked


Sanctified with Coastrunner Band

Lively gig with Coastrunner Band at Wescott Plantation


Makeno Son was happy to have Debbie play!

Debbie is a talented trombonist who became a member of Makeno Son in 2008. Filled with flashes of energy and knowledge, she demonstrated great musical skills and rhythm, In addition to team work and responsibility.  In each of the rehearsals and performances, Debbie showed her enthusiasm and love for music represented through her trombone.”

Makeno Son has been playing for ten years in many venues including festivals, private performances, weddings and TV appearances in Ecuador- South America and the United States. Makeno Son plays a variety of Latin-American music including boleros, ballads, huapangos, sones, cumbias, rancheras, waltz, salsa, etc. Their musicianship earned them a lot of respect and a lot of fans for the Latin American music in Ecuador and the United States.


Shriner’s Club Gig with Coastrunner Band

Our 4th Shriner’s Club gig at Omar Shrine in Patriot’s Pointe, Charleston
Coastrunner Band

Coastrunner Horn section


Hot summer company picnic gig with Coastrunner


Baracunatana – Makeno Son

2009 Charleston Moja Festival


Let’s Get It On

Here’s another sample from Coastrunner Band – Let’s Get It On!

[audio:|titles=Lets Get It On!]


Don’t Let The Green Grass Fool Ya…

Debbie on bone with Coastrunner Band on this shag tune!

[audio:|titles=Don’t Let The Green Grass Fool Ya]


9 Song Coastrunner crowd pleasers!

In the studio with Coastrunner Band
Our 9 song wedding/party/dance band demo for Charleston’s shag, party crowd!


In the Studio for Coastrunner band

We recorded a 9-song demo at Studio Blacktree in James Island – thanks Scott!

In the studio

In the studio for CoastRunner Band


Festival Hispano with Makeno Son

Playing with Makeno Son at Festival Hispano


Oktoberfest in Myrtle Beach!

Hans Schmidt Band at Liberty Steakhouse



La Murga – Makeno Son

Video at Charleston’s 2009 Moja Festival


Idilio – Makeno Son

Idilio at the Charleston Moja Festival!


Negro Jose – Makeno Son

Makeno Son playing Negro Jose at The 2009 Moja Festival in Charleston, SC


Oktoberfest fun!

with the Hans Schmidt German Band at 2009 Spoleto Music Festival downtown Charleston, SC



Huge sound with the Emory Brass

Powerful brass sound with the Emory Brass



Canzon with Emory Brass

Canzon from the Emory Brass


Opera – The Saint of Bleeker Street

In the pit!


View from the bone aisle

view from the bone aisle Atlanta Orchestra


In the studio with Julia Van Daam – Fruitcake

In the studio with Julia VanDaam!



Jazzy Clip from JDBB

here’s a jazzy song, horn parts were co-written with the JDBB.