Parading through the streets of Sitges for Carnaval!

Sat in with Blai Fontanal’s band performing the sounds of Amaparita Roca, Tablon, and Brazil through the narrow streets on this 4 hour parade in Sitges for Carnaval 2011! People threw confetti, danced, cheered, partied, drank, marched, and celebrated this long-time tradition outside Barcelona!


Playing with Joan Pinos in Spain!

Played Concerto De Cap D’Any at Salo-Teatre de El Retiro in Spain outside Barcelona with Joan Pinos’s Suburband under the direction of Alex Ricart! The theater’s full house enjoyed the 50 musicians playing traditional Sardanas, pasadobles (Nerva, Xabia, and Cortes de la Frontera), and Spanish marches (Casimiro)!