History/Info About Me

I’ve enjoyed performing a variety of styles of music as trombonist with many terrific people for more than three decades. I’m focusing on Latin music now as a trombonista – not just salsa – from Cuban to Colombian to Puerto Rican – cumbia to merengue, punta, cueca, son, plena, Mexican Banda, Spanish hip/hop and other high energy danceable music.


tenor trombone
reading bass clef music
reading lead sheets
sight reading
singing backing vocals
hand percussion


  • Cornell University undergraduate bachelors degrees, masters degree, Ithaca, NY
  • Northern Arizona University 6 years of Summer Music programs, Flagstaff, AZ
  • Omega Institute djembe study with Ubaka Hill, Rhinebeck, NY
  • trombone study with Tom Gibson, Atlanta, GA


Bach trombone 36B (Stradivarius with F attachment)


trombone mouthpieces

Schilke 50, Bach 12, Bach 6 1/2  – for larger, deeper, mellow sounds

Stork Custom – tapered – for rock and fuller sounds

Yamaha 45AS, 45C – shallow cup for higher brighter sounds for Latin

Yamaha 47C – small rim and cup for salsa

Yamaha 48 – bigger for lower latin bone parts

More about who I’ve played with here…


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